Everyone was a fan of Batman, Superman, before but after the release of popular series of games of thrones, the favoritism has been shifted. A new hero has come into the picture, a person whose transformation in the seasons has made people like him. Jon snow in all the season’s ha depicted a significant appearance that no one can forget. The best part of is a character was Jon snow costume, which superbly matched with his situation in all series. The hair and cape of Jon snow was the two most important accessory of his look.

jon snow costume

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We find Jon snow costume different in each season of games of thrones

  • In night watchman look, he carried himself in cloak’s fur in white trim. In the nighttime, the trim was black whereas daytime appearance was shown in brown trim. And the hair was ruined by placing bad wigs on the head.
  • In Jon snow pilot look, he was seen mostly wearing brown costumes with frilly collars, brown lace-up vests, brown tunic skirts, and brown boots.
  • In baby crow look, he was wearing black all the time, black lace-up belts, black tunic, black boots, black pants, and black long sleeves.
  • In rebel look, the entire season was wildling so he wore thick woolen black rug fur jacket all in black color.
  • Lord Commander Look of Jon snow costume was made of thin leather with crisscross belting over the entire chest region.
  • In-House stark look, he was wearing navy blue long sleeves and a brown tee shirt. He put the wig in a bun and also carried matching gauntlets with it.
  • In the king look finally, he got dressed up in natural looking fur rugs which gave the look of a wildling.

All season are made different from the other in games of thrones by keeping the outfit of all characters in consideration.

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