You are probably wondering what cryptocurrency has got to do with your game? It’s here to take your gaming experience to top notch. But Gaming Cryptocurrency is not as simple as you think. It’s called secure for a reason. Bitcoins are not just simply added to your account. Instead, you are allocated an address and the amount is transferred to the virtual address. It’s beneficial for the user but not so much for the game developer.

Levels of Gaming           

There are five levels in gaming. Beginning from the developer, then publisher, then retailer to consumer and customer. Developer, as the name suggests, develops the game and does all the hard work. Publishers are responsible for launching it in the offline as well as online market. Retailers are responsible for advertising the game and finally the consumer is the one who plays the game and customer is the one who buys the game. Generally, consumer and customers are different but they can be the same person also.


What I am about to discuss is a hypothetical concept, which everyone is eagerly waiting for to get implemented. What if the amount added to your account could be used in multiple games? What if the gold you earned in Candy Crush Saga could also be used in Candy Crush Soda? These are all ‘What-ifs’ till date. One of the major reasons is publishers of the company fear if a gamer cashes out, they’ll leave and may never step foot back in the territory. They want their consumers to play their game only, not the others.

Gaming Cryptocurrency will be a definitely revolution in the gaming industry. It depends upon you how you want to be part of it. Be excited and join the crowd and explore the new dimensions of the gaming industry.

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