When it comes to men, their wallet is one of the two major things that they always carry along; another one is definitely their phone! Thus, it is a clear concept that every man must invest ample time in selecting the right thin wallet, as much as they invest while choosing their phones. Whether it’s ID cards, credit cards, debit card, your cash, coins or some small important notes, your wallet is the home for all essentials.

thin wallet

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However, the concept of keeping big bulkier wallets and bothering your back has now been significantly reduced an overcome by smart minimalist wallets. So, what are the various kinds of thin wallet you can choose from? Here is the list!

  • Semi bi fold or tri fold- these can be considered as the new version of that bulky traditional bi-fold and tri-folding These are also made up of leather and they reduce the overall weight by bringing down the number of compartments. They even use thin, however, pretty strong material which reduces the whole bulk of your wallet.
  • Sleeve or card wallet- this one is a simple wallet which reduces the bulk by not incorporating a folding structure. The simplest of these are the wallets, where you get just a single compartment to store all the belongings and nothing else than that.
  • Plate wallet– well, these are just the most unique and simpler version of a thin wallet. They come up with 2plates, within which you can put all the content and hold the plates together with the help of an elastic Most of these are made with metal plates, thus, they are extremely strong and there are no limits on how many cards or belongings can you add into this.

So, with a perfect thin wallet, you can instantly reduce the bulk of weight that you have been carrying on your back while paving way for complete security and comfort.

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