Pharmacists have a great future as they have diverse career options and have the freedom to choose a career path accordingly and there is a great demand for pharmacist around the clock. If you aspire to be a pharmacist, then Cao đẳng dược TPHCM in Vietnam is quite a well known and reputed university to go to. It is a non-profit institution that is located in the Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam; it offers some great courses and programs for those who aspire to become a pharmacist. But before enrolling in an institution there are a few things one should know before becoming a pharmacist.

cao đẳng dược TPHCM


Things to know about working as a pharmacist

  • The working hours- The working hours of a pharmacy are irregular, one might have to work in evening as well as at night. At times the shift is such that one is required to work on weekends and also on holiday especially in the beginning months.
  • Interaction skills- A pharmacist has to be well skilled when it comes to interacting with the customers; interaction in a professional manner is what a job of a pharmacist requires. Customers have a lot of questions regarding the prescription and the supplements that need to be referred.
  • No scope of mistake- There is no scope for making a mistake as a small mistake can lead to the death of the patients. A pharmacist is responsible for giving the assurance regarding a medicine and the way it has to be taken.
  • On feet- The whole day you will on your feet as working as a pharmacist is not an easy task, it requires a lot of running around and interacting with the patients.

So if you are really keen on being a pharmacist and enrolling in a reputed university make sure you do a proper stud about the field.

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