Seeing even a scratch on your iPhone screen is one horrifying nightmare that none of the iPhone users would ever want to live. Then just imagine the situation if the screen of your iPhone breaks accidentally. Yes, we do feel the pain! Similarly, the battery of your iPhone is the powerhouse and you would never want it to get damaged. However, these parts often malfunction or get damaged because of which they have to be repaired.iPhone screen repair,  iPhone battery replacement is not a tedious job, considering you avail the services of an expert.

iPhone screen repair


Screen repair

Whenever you need any help regarding your phone, always make sure to contact an authentic iPhone repairing center. If your phone is under the warranty period, prefer getting the repairs done from an official store. When it comes to screen repair, the prices for the service are fixed by the service center and totally depends on the intensity of damage to the screen. Additionally, if there is any other damage caused to the iPhone, the cost shall increase proportionately. The brand provides a warranty against any manufacturing defect due to which the screen cracks but if the damage is caused due to accidental damage, the user shall have to pay the price.

Battery repair

Replacement of your iPhone battery can be done by bringing in the phone at any of the repair stores authorized by Apple. If the iPhone is under the warranty period, the replacement shall be done free of cost. Apart from that, any other issue in the iPhone which hampers the replacement of the battery is dealt prior to the resolving the battery issue.

The authenticity and genuineness of the parts are essential for any iPhone and in order to ensure quality service, visit an authorized apple store.

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