Whether you are a beginner or a pro at video gaming this article is a must go through if you are oblivious and considerately addicted to another popular online battle game PUBG. Fortnite is the new tsar of Multiplayer Battle Royal Games which is gaining a huge number of participants and players every passing day. Similar to PUBG mobile is a new and advanced version launched as Fortnite Android and iOS. Fortnite battle Royale is not any newly developed concept since it has been there available on Windows to be played through PC.

Fortnite Android

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Fortnite for Android


The developer of Fortnite, Epic games came with the idea to launch a beta version of fortnite on android devices to make it more convenient for its fans to play it conveniently whenever as it would accessible through mobile phones. The people with compatible Android devices can easily access it. Fortnite is currently adaptable to select models of the following mobile brands Samsung, Google Pixel, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nokia, Razer, Essential and ZTE. Fortnite for Android can be downloaded from Fortnite’s website by signing up to it since it is not available on google play for now.

Why is Fortnite better than other Battle Royale Games?

 Fortnite is a specific user interactive game that has features that keep you invested in it. It is almost like a hide and seeks with the enemies where you need to kill the defendants before they get the chance to escape as the defense plays a major role in this game. You also get to build shelters and building and more to shield yourself. This battle game requires high-quality graphics and provides functioning on all gaming platforms. Fortnite demands advanced gaming tactics to make progress and gain in-app purchase points. It’s a very addictive game so go now and hit that download button and start playing.



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