Amongst a number of people, many of them may feel too coy to accept their love for dominating others on bed. Whilst amongst these dreamers, we are missing on the masochists. To start with, the masochists are the ones who derive pleasure by inflicting pain on themselves. Such are the people who form a perfect pair for the ones who are unable to cater their need to dominate others. Under the same context, we have the concept of sissies. The ones who are ready to be dominated are known as sissy slaves.

More about the hype

To be a sissy slave is a transgender affair. Why? Because the ones who are being dominated are referred to as sissies and are usually males, playing the feminine roles. They are taught the feminine etiquettes and their way to walk and talk. The training is not only confined to mentoring the behaviour, it also requires the keen males to wear female dresses and makeup. From undergarments to casual wears, these willing males are taught in totality the flair of becoming a female subjugate.

Why sissy training?

The sissy training is just more than the moulding and working under the supervision of the femdoms and masters. This also involves the communication and interaction with the famed masters and mistresses, who know well the art of subjugating and getting dominated.

At its best, the training helps the transgenders and the male couples to fulfil and cater their needs to have that erotic aesthetic intercourse and drain his partner of all his sensuality, who on the contrary, has an unusual love for it.

This also imparts an eccentricity and a distinctive confidence, to those who have some displeasure in their sexual life; or are not satisfying their partner to the fullest. The grooming and yoga sessions hereunder, re-sculpt the trainees’ body and give them an overall bosting look.

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